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I am Patrick Stillhart. Forger of this page; a web developer who's combining smart code and simple design. I am 19 years old and live in Switzerland.

Coding is amazing. It's one way to bring ideas into our world. As long as I can remember I always had plenty of ideas: to make things better, more interesting and just overall cooler. Games, well Minecraft, have gotten me into programming. Driven by the urge to make modifications to my little server, I learned programming myself… It worked surprisingly well.

Though, as important as good code is, UX and UI design isn't a bit less important. They work together and it's may duty to make that happend.

My thoughts didn't stop at the edge of a monitor. I took the opportunity and begun working on the IoT. Learning how to connect all sorts of stuff to little breadboards and SBCs.

That almost sums me up.
Have a good one




Diploma in application development

Diploma in WordPress development

and more is on its way


2013 - present CH
CreditSuisse AG

2016 - 2016 USA
Florentino Ice Cream

- 2012 CH

Coding Skills

HTML5 / CSS3 / SCSS / JavaScript

C++ / Java / PHP

xText / xTend / Brainfuck

Libraries & Frameworks

Node.js / Express.js / Angular.js

Backbone.js / Three.js / jQuery

Bootstrap / MDL / Selenium

Java EE / JSF / Android

and many more :)


Solus / Debian / Ubuntu / Red Hat

Docker / Docker-Compose

MongoDB / Redis / ElasticSearch

MySQL / CouchDB / Payara


Intellij / Atom / Visual Studio

Git / Maven / Gradle / Grunt

Gimp 2 / Illustrator

Recent Software

android password generator

Secret - Better Passwords

Google Play
You could say that my identical passwords became a problem

Java Android

my code.wiki is a collaboral code library


A collaboral code library. A more ambitious idea

node.js MongoDB ElasticSearch Redis Docker

a 3D PLanet animation

three D Planet

Daily challenge; 3D remake of a company's logo

JavaScript three.js

youtube to mp3 converter


Converting Youtube videos to MP3

node.js JavaScript Java Android

a California based ice cream manufaturer

Florentino Ice Cream

A California based ice cream manufaturer

PHP JavaScript

a theme for adminer

Material Theme

A theme for Adminer with the Material Design in mind


Latest computers

Wood PC case

Wood PC case

My parents needed someting new

Computer DIV Wood

PC on a wall

On a wall?

Had to save some desk space...

Computer DIV Wall

Even more projects

my playground where I test all sorts of stuff.

... even more is on GitHub, Codepen etc.

Meet me else where

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